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Creative Connections  Norway arranges and takes part in many interesting local and international projects. You can join our youth exchanges, volunteer activities and training for youth workers in Norway and in other European countries. If you are interested, please contact us.

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APRIL 21-30, 2020

This project will offer the opportunity for youth workers to explore deeper global topics and agenda and to bring these important dimensions in their work and act towards them by developing competencies in street campaigning. The aim of this course is to raise the capacity of youth organizations to develop global citizenship competencies through an alternative innovative methodology (more specifically street campaigning).

Streets have a huge potential in terms of informing, making awareness, including and building a community therefore specific methods designed for street work are highly recommended in the youth work field and especially in times when they are not so widely applied. In order to explore the large concepts of global problems during the training, the participants will explore topics like global interdependencies, responsible and sustainable lifestyle and tourism, which are at the moment a present on the global agenda of various actors (public or private) all over Europe.

More specific objectives that are to be achieved:

  • To increase the level of innovation and creativity in the youth work field by using street campaigning methods

  • To increase the level of professionalism and quality of youth work in addressing global issues ;

  • To stimulate long term involvement of beneficiaries youth organizations in sustainable projects which address sustainability ;

  • To stimulate the mobility of youth workers within Europe for the development of new competencies;

  • To develop practical competencies in street campaigning for the youth workers involved;

  • To develop pro-active attitudes towards sustainability among the beneficiaries youth workers;

  • To increase the knowledge level of young people and youth workers in topics like global interdependencies, climate change, sustainable lifestyle, consumerism, social and global justice, social exclusion, etc.

  • To motivate all the beneficiaries (direct and indirect) to act as responsible active global citizens is their day to day life;

The training which will be organized in April 2020 is designed to bring a positive change in the same direction as Erasmus+ programs aim for, regarding sustainable development, European and global active citizenship, the professionalization of youth work, increasing their capacity to raise the social capital in their communities, developing competencies for youth in general, contribution to a more just and fair world.

During the training, step by step the participants will be guided in the process of exploring global issues, street campaigning methods and will develop, implement and evaluate a street campaign in a public space of Balestrand (or Songdal if we don’t get all the required permissions).  The last part of the training is to be allocated to develop concrete action plans in order to use street campaigning in each country.

Each participant will receive a copy of a manual on street campaigning developed by the project team in a previous project: You do not need to read this manual beforehand ;), it is meant to help you to transfer the learnings from the training back home.

The final agenda will be developed based on the registration forms from all the participants, in order to incorporate as well their learning needs and special competencies as we want to have a learning space where the participants could also share their expertise.


If you are from Norway and want to participante, please contact us !!!




Project Period: 1.10.2018- 1.10.2020
Activity Dates: Check project calendar

Consortium Members
Coordinator: A.R.T. Fusion Romania
Hang-Kép Kulturális Egyesület- Hungary
Creative Connections - Norway
Theatro Methaphora- Portugal/Madeira
Interalia- Greece

The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of the youth work sector to raise the civic participation and involvement of young people in democratic and policy making process;

More specific Objectives of the project are:
- To introduce innovative methodologies (such as Legislative and Newspaper Theatre) in youth
work field across Europe;
- To raise the capacity of partner organizations to operate at European level in policy making field;
- To stimulate the exchange of best practices in youth work in working with authorities in tackling issues faced by young people;
- To stimulate the development of a network of Theatre of the Oppressed (focused on Legislative and Newspaper Theatre) practitioners in various regions of Europe;
- To improve project management, communication, team leading and motivations skills for
youth workers;
- To develop strong pro-active attitudes and the sense of initiative among the partners NGO
members and also among the beneficiaries of the partners (young people).


GENDER DIMENSION in youth empowerment

March 9-17 / Dobele-LATVIA

We are organizing this training course in order to improve the quality of youth work that we do and develop the competencies of 24 people working with youth from our organizations to act as advocates of greater gender equality and gain skills on how to promote young peoples’ empowerment regardless of their gender. We especially want to empower young women. By understanding the mechanisms of gender oppression it will be also easier to understand how the oppression towards other groups in society works and empathize.

- Developing awareness and understanding about various concepts related to gender, prejudices,
mechanisms of discrimination, hate-speech and violence and how it affects young people and
- Discussing the role of youth workers to contribute to promoting the (common European) value of
gender equality and building motivation of participants to act as gender equality advocates and
- Sharing realities and challenges that young people typically face because of existing gender
prejudices and norms – paying special attention on how it (negatively) affects young girls/women
- Identifying set of competences needed to be developed in order to contribute to greater gender
equality in our communities
- Exploring NFL tools to address gender-based prejudices and discrimination and develop
participants’ facilitation skills
- Planning and implementing concrete follow-up activities to promote gender equality, diversity and
inclusion at local level.

Due to character of the project, it is very crucial for us that Partner organisations spread the information through suitable channels and select relevant participants (we keep the right to reject participants that do not fit the profile). If some participants will not fit the profile outlined below, we keep the rights to reject their participation in the training course.


- Be working with young people on regular basis – as youth workers, peer-to-peer educators,activists, teachers, social workers, etc.

- Open to challenge themselves for learning in the intense programme of the training, sometimes even 12 h per day :)

- Ready to organize at least 2 follow-up activities using the experience from this training (individually or together with another person from the same country) within 3 months after the training

- Fluent in communication in English

The training course will be implemented in the framework of EU “ERASMUS+” Programme (mobility
of youth workers, key action 1). The accommodation and food will be covered fully. Travel expenses will be reimbursed at flat rates depending on travel distance:

Norway 275 EU

Most of you will probably arrive to Riga international airport. We will support you in travelling to
Dobele and seminar house from Riga.

All you need to do is to be MOTIVATED and meet our participant’s criteria.

To apply, please fill in
the online application form accessible here:


We will be expecting the applications no later than MONDAY, 14th of January. After considering all received application forms, the selection team will notify you upon your success.

In case of questions, please contact: Tuba Ardic, +47 90661756

“Look closer. Not everything is as it seems”


April  1-10, 2018

Place: Balestrand- Ciderhuset

The main goal of the project is to increase the level of intercultural competent, sensitive and quality youth work field.

More specific objectives are:

  • To increase/upgrade the knowledge level of youth workers in Intercultural Learning Topics (culture, identity, prejudices, stereotypes, assumptions, relativism,  communication, clashes, intercultural sensitivity);

  • To develop the practical skills of youth workers in working and managing quality intercultural learning process  in international projects with young people;

  • To upgrade skills in managing and facilitating intercultural encounters in youth work (international volunteering, exchanges, local projects in multicultural settings, trainings, etc.);

  • To develop high intercultural sensitive attitudes in youth work field;

  • To empower youth workers to act as responsible intercultural sensitive actors in the international field and project ;

  • To increase the level of professionalism and quality of youth work;

  • To stimulate long-term involvement of beneficiaries youth organizations in international projects;

  • To stimulate mobility of youth workers

Target group and criteria

- Youth workers (no age limit but preferably over 18) that are interested in intercultural learning area (having some previous experience is welcomed, but not necessary) and need more knowledge, deeper understanding and new competencies for dealing with these issues in their work, life and communities.

- All participants should have an English level of at least medium level (to be able to participate in discussion and in training activities)

- They have to be active in an organization which works in multicultural or international context.

- They should have the support of their sending organization and a platform where they could implement after the training course intercultural learning workshops which are expected from their participation.

- The participants should be resident of one of following countries:

Romania, Norway, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Poland, UK, Latvia and Greece


This project is funded by the Erasmus + Program. According to its rules, 100% costs of board and logging will be covered by the organizers. In addition, the organizers are going to reimburse travel costs which is in the budget of the travel calculator of the European commission  (from the country of residence – which has to be on the list mentioned before), upon the receipt of all original tickets and invoices and 100% of their visa cost if needed for entering Norway.

The individual maxim budget for travel, per person are the following:

Romania, Greece, Italy and Portugal: 360 Euro

Poland, Hungary, UK and Latvia: 275 Euro

Norway: 180 euro

The transport cost will be reimbursed through bank transfer after the training, after receiving the documents in original.

If you are interested in taking part in this training course, please contact us.

Teenage Group

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January 12, 2017

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