Art for sustaniable development...



We believe that the creative process has the ability to bring different communities, different groups, and generations together.

Creative Connections uses ARTicipation as an art based method to create arenas for participants for meaningful experiences.

ARTicipation activities; Marbling (EBRU), photography, storytelling, short filmmaking are some of the activities under this program.



Creative Connections is located in an organic farm called Ciderhuset in Balestrand. We are using only natural methods without any harmful chemicals, toxic ingredients or synthetic element to fertilize, feed or increase growth. 

We love to share our passion for organic farming and believe that the knowledge about it has it to be spread to the next generation. That is why we arrange courses such as cloning trees, fruit tree pollination, composting, herb gardening. 

We encourage young people for learning about where their food comes from and help them construct a personal connection with agriculture and nature through activities such as food courses and different art workshops.