Project calendar

We are very proud to arrange or to be part of these international projects !!!



April 21-30, 2020

This project will offer the opportunity for youth workers to explore deeper global topics and agenda and to bring these important dimensions in their work and act towards them by developing competencies in street campaigning. The aim of this course is to raise the capacity of youth organizations to develop global citizenship competencies through an alternative innovative methodology (more specifically street campaigning).

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6TH – 15TH DECEMBER 2019

The general aim of the second training, which will take place in Romania, is to deepen the theatre of the oppressed competencies of the participants based on their concrete experiences, challenges and learning points from the practice phase where they applied Legislative Theatre.This aim is reached through the following objectives:
- Assessing the impact of the practice phase, exchanging methods and approaches tried out in each community.
- Develop working competencies in Newspaper Theatre.


LOOK CLOSER. Not everything is as it seems

30march-8april, 2019

The main goal of this project is to increase the level of intercultural competence, sensitivity, and quality in the youth work field.
Some of the objectives that will contribute to achieving the main aim:
*To increase/upgrade the knowledge level of youth workers in Intercultural Learning Topics (culture, identity, prejudices, stereotypes, assumptions, relativism,  communication, clashes, intercultural sensitivity); To develop the practical skills of youth workers in working and managing quality intercultural learning process in international projects with young people.

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10 – 19 MAY 2019

Theatre of the Oppressed is a collective rehearsal for reality. This project is an answer to the high levels of civic and political apathy amongst young people and envisions an innovative way of bringing young people and authorities together. Partners involved in the project are coming from Greece, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Portugal and Romania.
The main goal of the project is to increase the level of civic participation and involvement in various democratic and policy-making processes amongst young people.


Insightrainer Creatrainer series

January 21-25 , 2019

We are looking forward to join the product Jam in Ankara. The Product Jam is the final activity of any Insightrainer Creatrainer series. In this 4-day Jam, participants from the creative workshop modules meet, form teams, join their creative skills and face a 48 hour educational material design marathon. 

Theatre Group

Kick-off meeting in Poland

December 1-5, 2018

Kick-Off Meeting for our Project; Using theatre for making politics. This will be the first and one of the most important meeting, for us to meet and clarify and plan the rest of the project together. The coordinator of the Creative Connections will participate in this meeting. It will happen in Poland

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Bridges for trainers 2018

November 27-30, 2018

The training will take place in Prague, Czech Republic and will gather ca. 140 participants. The founders of Creative Connections, Tuba Ardic and Gard Eitungjerde Høyvik will join the training. BfT serves as a platform to contribute to exploring the next steps to be undertaken in the ETS development and to reflect on what role Erasmus+: Youth in Action could play in this. BfT takes place every two years and is a conference concept bringing together experienced trainers, other training providers, and Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA/SALTO RC staff working with trainers/trainer pools to reflect on trends and core issues in the youth field and effects on the work of trainers.

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Dealing with Refugees; from challenges to opportunities

November 5-11 , 2018

We are happy to join this seminar in Amman. The seminar would like to provide an opportunity to the NGOs’ representatives that attended the last year conference in Amman to meet Jordanian youth workers engaged in their daily work.

The seminar will be an occasion to better understand the current situation of refugees from the perspective of Jordanian experience and investigate the different models of inclusive projects that have been developed to face the increasing number of refugees. The seminar, will focus on practises and on development of new international partnerships in the youth field.

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Eye Opener arranged by Aktiv Ungdom

November 12-15, 2017

We are looking forward to meeting and working with many youth workers and youth from many other European countries in the international training course in Flekke. Creative Connections will join this course with two youth from Balestrand.

EYE Opener,a course on how to tackle all the basic elements of organising an international Youth Exchange under the
ERASMUS+: Youth in Action Programme. It will be a learning-by-doing experience for you, built on a
simulation game. Learning by doing and involving young people is the core focus! Please bring this letter
with you to the training course.